Vendor Registration

The 2023 Pullman Farmers Market season runs from May 17th, 2023 until October 11th, 2023 every Wednesday from 3:30pm-6:00pm at the Brelsford WSU Visitor Center. Vendor registration is now open.

Winter Market is held on the third Saturday of the month from 10am-2pm indoors at the Brelsford WSU Visitor Center.

The market prioritizes vendors who specialize in local, farm-fresh produce, grains, eggs, meat, cheese/dairy, and locally sourced baked goods. The objective with vendor preference is to align with the Market’s mission and maintain a vendor ratio of at least 60% fresh, consumable, agricultural products or value-added agricultural foods/crafts, and 40% from other vendor categories. All vendors are accepted on a case by case basis.

Vendors are responsible for procuring and providing appropriate licensing prior to the market start date (see below for more information).

Each vendor is responsible for knowing what permits are required for their business operation. The list below is a sample of permits and licenses that may be required to sell your products at the Pullman Farmers Market and is not meant to be exhaustive. Submit current copies of all relevant licenses and permits with your application.

Business Licenses: 

WSDA License Information: 

Whitman County Health Department Permits: 

Permits Required for Prepared Food vendors

  • Food Handlers Permit
  • Temporary Food Establishment Permit

If you intend to offer samples of any products, it is your responsibility to ensure you are complying with applicable local county and state rules.